What I Watched This Week (May 23-29 2016)


Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? (2013) (Documentary Film)

This is a animated documentary feature from Michel Gondry, director of “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” which is personally one of my favorite films. When I say this is from Michel Gondry I mean that literally everything in this film is made by him, including the amazing trippy animation. The film is a two part conversation with linguist Noam Chomsky and the interview mostly revolves around why it is that we understand the world around us.  What makes the interview even better is the ironic linguistic misunderstanding that we get from the French Gondry and the American Chomsky while discussing big subjects. I would strongly recommend this to documentary lovers that can handle an almost 2 hour conversation with a sense of amateurism in it.




Kids On The Slope (2012) (TV-Show)

A drama about a group of friends who love Jazz set in 1960’s Japan. This show does everything that already has been done, from love triangles to the high school setting. Luckily you forget about most of these things by the amazing historical setting and even better characters. I was surprised at how emotionally involved I was at the end even though the story is full of cliches. This show shows how effective you can be by just having amazing characters. Not to mention the facial animation and the awesome soundtrack by Yoko Kanno. I would recommend this if you just want a good character drama with amazing jazz music.



Captain America: Civil War (2016) (Film)

This is a film that combines the grand superhero mash-up and a personal revenge story in an almost perfect way. My inner child is happy with this film because Civil War is the super hero film I always wanted. It has a good story, my favorite heroes with amazing actors playing them and the best directed action sequences I have seen from Hollywood in years. “The Dark Knight” may be considered the best film with a superhero in it but Civil War is by far the best typical superhero film. I would strongly recommend this to people who want the best possible fun film has to offer.



Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) (Film)

A sub-par story, comedy that falls flat more times than not and boring stereotypical new characters. There were so many things that annoyed me in this film including the fact that I remember enjoying the last two films. This series has no right being as good as it is and I though this film would show… how did I end up enjoying this film anyway? The beautiful animation and the complementary action scenes do really save the film from oblivion, they are really, really that good. Plus the comedy that hits, hits good although the trailers ruined a lot of it. I would recommend this to people who enjoy quality animation.



Welcome To The NHK! (2006) (TV-Show)

What can I say about this show that hasn’t been said before. It’s really depressing, really well directed and has the best characters I have ever seen in any show or film. NHK has problems with animation and story but the characters are so insanely well developed that it now has a top spot at my favorites. I’m a guy who likes above all good characters and NHK did a smart move with having very little characters so all can be developed equally. For me there are not many show or film more perfect than this (even though I can easily see the flaws:p). I would not recommend this for everybody however, when I say this show is depressing I mean it and you have to be mentally ready to see this. NHK deals mostly with mental issues and that’s what makes it so intriguing. I was thinking about making a full review for NHK but that still wouldn’t do it justice.



Creed (2015) (Film)

Creed in it’s first half had a rough start. The characters and the world weren’t convincing and moments without a montage, fight or Stallone were stale and I am not even talking about the horrible romance subplot that felt shoehorned in. Creed is good at what it’s supposed to be good at and that are training montages and fights which made the last half instantly better. Montages is not what I’m into but the film does them well and the fight scenes are amazing and superbly directed. Stallone is really the only reason I still gave something about the story because he is amazing, which I find most amazing because I had not seen any Rocky film prior to this and it feels like I know this guy and what he is all about. Creed in the end did a good job of getting me emotionally invested which I did not see coming. It did good and therefore was enjoyable. I would recommend this to the typical boxing film fan because this is a film made precisely for them.



Ip Man 3 (2015) (Film)

The story of Ip Man 3 is enjoyable but all over the place, one big plot point is left without a real conclusion. The characters were the most enjoyable part of the film with a troubled rival and thugs that come right out a comic strip. The action was fun but the worst in the series. This is definitely more “Hollywood” than the rest of the trilogy. The action is harder to follow (which your don’t want in a kung fu flick) and the film has a bigger focus on flashy close-ups instead of real good stunt work. Ip Man 3 was still fun but by far the worst in the trilogy. I would recommend this to everyone because it’s just a fun film that is easy to watch.



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