Chariots Of Fire (1981) | AFEC #11


Chariots Of Fire” is one of those classic films about overcoming big obstacles to reach big goals that will of course win the best picture oscar. It’s about a jewish brit and a christian scot competing to get into the 1924 Paris Summer Olympics. It’s a story about the youth after The Great War, religion, discrimination and companionship. I do like all these big themes especially because the truly well written story focusses so much on these.What I don’t like is the substantial disconnect between the two main characters. Sure, both have incredible depth to them, both have great struggles, both preform at these Summer Games,  both are runners and yet there are only two scenes in this film where they barely meet. The montage scenes where you see both train are lovely and all but when there is no connection between the two, so it becomes hard to connect to the story as well. If they put a little bit more companionship between the two leads that would have been great. If they just had the two leads compete in the same event that would have been great (I know this would not have been possible due to historical accuracy and such). The second victory just feels cheap and I wish it wouldn’t have. I would recommend this to people who like historical drama’s.


Director: Hugh Hudson



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